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Cover Story

Last Rights

by Roy Maynard

Cover Story | A federal appeals court ruling two weeks ago in a right-to-die case threatens to impose upon the United States a Roe v. Wade for the elderly and infirm. But…

In this issue: "A reason to live," March 23, 1996


In-sight, in-mind

National | CityTeam challenges government's homeless warehouses

Resizing the downsized

By Joe Maxwell

National | Big business, small town: A snapshot of economic uncertainty

Memo to Bob Dole

By Cal Thomas

National | Make the race a referendum on the Woodstock Generation

Dispatches: Don't Abandon Principle

By John W. Alexander

National | Religious leaders call GOP to maintain its pro-life position

Medieval vision of Hell

By Joe Maxwell

International | Dunblane murders remind the world of man's wickedness



Truth is the most frightening prospect of all. -Author JAMES B. STEWART, from the preface to his blockbuster, Blood Sport, a mainstream journalistic account…

This Week

Gay docket A federal appeals court in Atlanta March 12 overruled a lower court decree that said employers couldn't refuse to employ homosexuals. Lesbian…


About accountability

By Joel Belz

After traveling a bumpy road, the Stanley story takes a happy turn

Life in bloom

From splendor to stubble: The lessons flowers teach us

Smoke a rock or punch a clock?

By Marvin Olasky

An under-publicized effort in the nation's capital turns addicts into employees


Books: American Mudslingers

By George Grant

Books | Think the 1996 political campaign is unique? Think again

Film: And the winners are...

By Pamela Johnson

Movies | A few entries that should get the gold but probably won't

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Culture Notes

By Gene Edward Veith

The golden oldies Neoclassicism is back in style. Not only did Sense and Sensibility get an Oscar nomination, Jane Austen's other novels have become hot…

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