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Confounder of the wise

Cover Story | Even the Smithsonian can't figure him out: Meet Howard Finster-country preacher, MTV illustrator, prophet of repentance, commercial success, apocalyptic…

In this issue: "Finster's unusual art," April 27, 1996


Till no-fault us do part

By Roy Maynard

National | State efforts may give U.S. a trial separation from no-fault

African meltdown

By Mindy Belz

International | Liberia's civil strife strafes American relief workers

The road to Damascus?

National | Long written off as a cult, WCG takes an evangelical step

It begins in the pulpit

By Joel Belz

National | D. James Kennedy: Evangelism Explosion, political explosion

Around the filibuster

By Cal Thomas

National | Probe resumes despite all the president's bail bondsmen



Well, my view is I'm not going to make character an issue. I mean, I think character will be an issue, it always is, when it's my character, his character,

This Week

"One step further" In the wake of President Clinton's veto of a bill banning partial-birth abortions, all the nation's Roman Catholic cardinals for only the…


Give us a king

By Joel Belz

The political temptation: Our doubts and deficiencies drive us to seek false gods

Principle, pragmatism

By David Aikman

Sometimes it takes a lot of both to win the biggest victories

Got some spare change?

By Marvin Olasky

Helping the homeless is not so much about dollars and cents, but real change


Audio: The foolish heart

By Arsenio Orteza

Culture | Talented satirists expose the horrible without trivializing it

Books: Grant's classic picks

By David Aikman

Books | Christian readers should discover Henryk Sienkiewicz

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