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Cover Story

Blessed Insurance

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | In hist last hours as a senator, Bob Dole cut a deal in hopes of saving a health-reform bill that provides insurance portability for job hoppers (which is…

In this issue: "Future of health care," June 22, 1996


Civility or compromise?

By The Editors

National | The full text of Dole's declaration on the pro-life platform Aides to presumptive GOP presidential nominee Bob Dole labored for 10 weeks to pitch the big-tent…

Beijing's little sister

By Mindy Belz

International | Follow-up U.N. meeting the occasion for Senate scrutiny

Hearer of the word

By Joe Maxwell

National | Clinton gets good advice, but he's a doer of different policies

Welfare's last stand

By Joe Maxwell

National | "Stand for Children" an early shot in the next welfare war

Uneducated guess

By Cal Thomas

National | Whole-language reading method is giving way to phonics



Vivid and painful memories. President BILL CLINTON on his June 8 radio address, in discussing the current rash of suspected black church arsons, recalled…

This Week

Court docket A provision of a new communications law enacted in February and aimed at regulating "indecent" American content on the World Wide Web was struck…


Paper, please, not plastic

By Joel Belz

A mix of selfishness and love threatens our health and credit ratings

Quit holding your breath

By Marvin Olasky

America's body politic needs the pure oxygen of accurate information

A hymn of hate

By William H. Smith

Fourth of July staple "Battle Hymn" has nothing to do with the God of the Bible


Music: A view from the top

By Arsenio Orteza

Music | Christian artists make the Billboard charts-and stay there

Beltway Books: Tackling taboos

By Doug Bandow

Books | Iconoclastic views on issues ranging from economics to race

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