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Hush-hush--What makes Christian philanthropy Christian?

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | Surely it means more than simply a sanctified hand writing a check to some well-intentioned cause. While precise numbers on charitable giving by wealthy…

In this issue: "Is Christian Philanthropy Christian?," Oct. 26, 1996


Too little, too late

By Cal Thomas

National | Dole got in a few jabs, but he needed a knockout blow

Post-post-Sandinista tyranny?

By Greg Dabel

International | Nicaraguans hold their second free elections; what they need now is a vision for the future


Books: King Arthur's appeal

By George Grant

Books | Malory's medieval Christian saga still stirs the soul

Culture Notes

Culture | Conservatives enter TV news fray As if CNN were not enough to satisfy news junkies, two more all-news cable networks are now in place. MSNBC is an alliance…


Has he really said?

By Joel Belz

There are two sides to the log-but right now, one is riskier.

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