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My greatest acknowledgment, as always, is to Jesus Christ, who not only yanked me off the fast road to perdition two decades ago but has continued to present gifts ever since: dear wife Susan, most excellent children Pete, David, Daniel, and Benjamin, and opportunities for writing and adventure. I have frequently sinned in not praying as I should, but He has constantly been not only faithful but more than faithful: He has given what I could never have asked for, because my imagination concerning the warmth of marriage and the enjoyment of children was too small.

I also acknowledge the servants of Christ who are found in abundance at Crossway Books. Faithfulness in Christian publishing means facing down theological temptations and putting up with economic constraints; Crossway personnel such as Lane Dennis, Len Goss, and Steve Hawkins pass the test.

A third round of appreciation goes to the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, which provided funding for this work, and to the fine World writers whom I quote in the pages that follow: Among them are Joe Maxwell, Roy Maynard, and Mindy Belz. Many others at World, including those in the graphics and business areas, also deserve recognition, but this book is dedicated to two World people specifically and to one other. If, as E. B. White noted, it is hard to find someone who is both a good friend and a good writer, it is triply hard to find friend, writer, and teacher all rolled into one but that is what publisher Joel Belz is. Nick Eicher is a friend and a superb managing editor, World’s most valuable player, and a joy to work with week after week.

The third person in the dedication, Nick’s daughter Katherine, never had the opportunity to write, or even talk; she died in the summer of 1995 of a genetic disorder after living for only four months. Even during that time, though, her life and the faith of her parents touched many other lives. I never met Katherine, but her role in God’s providence is such that although there are many people I look forward to interviewing in heaven, she is the one of all those now dead whom I look forward to hugging.

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